Apple Stock Forecast 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040

apple stock forecast

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Apple is a globally recognized company, known for its premium iPhone, iPod, and tablets. As of October 2022, Apple is the world’s largest company by market capitalization of $2.381T. Apple is the second-largest manufacturer of phones in the world and the fourth-largest manufacturer of personal computers. Apple falls under the industry of consumer electronics.

Apple was founded in the year 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, California, United States. The CEO of the company is Timothy Cook who succeeded Steve Jobs in 2011.

Apple is working on several other projects related to Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, Bluetooth Trackers (Air Tags), Electric Car Technology, LiDAR scanners, etc. Moreover, the company is promoting its AirPods intensively.

Apple gains its maximum revenue from the selling of its iPhone. Following the sales of other electronic gadgets such as iMac, iPad, iPhone, etc. The company serves its customers globally.

Valuation MeasuresValue/Price
Market Cap (intraday)2.38T
Enterprise Value2.45T
Trailing P/E24.50
Forward P/E24.33
PEG Ratio (5 yr expected)2.90
Price/Sales (ttm)6.20
Price/Book (mrq)47.00
Enterprise Value/Revenue6.22
Enterprise Value/EBITDA18.43
50/200 Day Moving Average147.66/155.68

Whereas Apple also offers multiple services such as Apple store, Apple Music, Apple pay, cloud storage, etc. With the continued diversity in its offering and exceptional customer response, Apple survived the biggest pandemic hit as well. Apple’s competitors are Samsung and Xiamoi. Industry data reveals that online retail sales are increasing.

Apple’s IPO Launch

Apple went public in the year 1980 and had an IPO launch with $22. The stocks sold out instantly, and the closing price of Apple stock was $29 per share for that day.

Apple is listed on Nasdaq with the ticker symbol AAPL. From the pricing of $7 to $170 from 1980 to 2021, Apple is one of the most famous and fast-growing stocks on the Nasdaq.

The Apple stock price today is $149.70.

Data from the above table was taken on 13/11/2022 from Yahoo Finance. If you want to see live data then check out here.

Apple Stock forecast 2022

YearAAPL Stock Forecast 2022
2022$157.55 to $177.55

At the beginning of 2022, the company’s share price was around $177.55, as of today’s date(13/11/2022), the company’s share price is trading at $149.70, which means there has been a decline of $27.85 in the share price.

But when we look at the Revenue figures of apple for 2022, apple expected revenue for Q4 2022 was 88.78B but the actual revenue reported of 90.15B there is a surprise of 1.55%.

Apple annual revenue for 2022 was $394.328B, a 7.79% increase from 2021. Although it is less than last year’s revenue growth.

But because of the market reputation and the loyal customer base of over 1 billion of apple. It can be a good buying opportunity as of now.

The stock price of Apple is expected to grow within the span of 1 year from $139 to $172. The earning potential of apple stock within 1 year is 23.95%. Well, the stock price of apple can swing from time to time.

Apple stock forecast 2025

YearApple Stock Forecast 2025
2025$290 to $330

Apple continues to have growth and profits. Apple is constantly upgrading and working on 5G. Apple has developed the cult and manufactures the most loved phone. Thus, by seeing the bright future of Apple, the price target for Apple is $330 for 2025.

The stock price of Apple is not overvalued. And it’s expected that Apple’s stock price might increase due to the release of its autonomous vehicle as well.

Apple stock forecast 2030

YearApple Stock Forecast 2030
2030$450 to $500

Apple is a king and dominating the market with its new launches. Some analysts have predicted that the Apple stock price can get valued at $500 by 2030.

regardless of market conditions, Apple has shown consistent profit growth year by year.

In 2022 company recorded an increase of 5.41% in profit as compared to 2021 and, In 2021 company recorded a profit increase of 64.92% as compared to 2020.

 Considering the complete picture, apple has maintained a strong cash flow and has a fast-growing services segment and growing dividends and also consistent revenue and profit growth.

Overall, Apple stock is a profitable stock. Over the years, Apple has sailed in the market smoothly without any difficulties.

Apple stock forecast 2040

For investment in the stock market for future purposes, the company’s financial position, business strategies, management of the company, services, sector of the company, etc. are crucial factors.

 Henceforth, being the market leader, Apple has strong revenue growth, growing sales, multiple offerings, and constant growth. Apple is one of the most valuable tech companies in the world, showcasing strong leadership. Thus, undoubtedly the investment in Apple is a big Yes for 2040.

Apple stock forecast 5 years

YearApple Stock Forecast
2022$157.55 to $177.55
2025$290 to $330
2030$450 to $500
2040Around $1500

Apple products are high in demand and the company is having high revenue with multiple product categories. Apple stock forecast for 5 years is expected to be $ 318. And in the near future, Apple stock isn’t going to crash.

Apple stock investors from the past have gained maximum benefit due to its constant rise in price. The stock price of Apple will shoot to $ 318 in 5 years i.e. 2027.

The company is yet to disclose its news and detail about the self-driving car. Hence, after the announcement, the stock price is suspected to increase.


Most analysts view that the stock price of Apple would be bullish and the stock price is going to double in the next decade. Apple is a good investment for the future. With the growing technology manufacturing industry, the stock price of Apple shows a bullish cycle in the short term as well.

Is Apple a good stock to buy?

Apple is a good stock investment for 1 year. Apple is a profitable investment if you are looking forward to having good returns. The stock of apple for the coming future is showing a positive trend. And with good personal finance, one can surely invest in Apple and expect favorable returns.

Thereby, investing in Apple is less risky due to its past record and the company’s growth. It’s very unlikely for the stock price of Apple to crash. Thus, it’s not too late, you can still choose to invest in Apple, if you haven’t.

Financial Forecast of Apple

The company’s forecasted return on equity is going to be high by 224.78%. The company’s return on Assets is forecasted to be 32.29%.

Apple earnings are forecasted to grow at the rate of 6.07% per year which is not an exceptional increase in growth. And this growth market is lower than the growth in the US Consumer Electronics Industry of 6.54%.

People also ask:

What is the price target forecast for Apple?

The price target forecast for Apple in 1 year: the highest price target for Apple is $ 210, the low target is $144 and the average rate would be $182.

What is the performance of Apple shares in 2022?

Apple shares were trading at $177 at beginning of the year. Later on, the price of the share dropped by 21.4%. And presently, it’s trading at $139.

How much will the stock price of Apple rise in 1 year?

The stock price of Apple will rise from $149 to $172 in the span of 1 year.


From the prospects of both short and long term, Apple is a good stock to invest in. As the results are going to be beneficial in both cases. Likely, the stock price will grow at a consistent pace. The future of Apple looks promising. Thus, Apple is a safe investment. Apple is not going to have any stock split soon in the near future.

With all this information, we recommend that you must have a comprehensive understanding of the stock before investing. As the market keeps changing and the predictions are based on the past performance of the stock.

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