Dr. Foods stocks, DRFS Stock Price Forecast, Overview, and News

DRFS Stock Price Forecast
DRFS Stock Price Forecast

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Dr. Foods Stock Overview:- Dr. Foods Co. Ltd. is a meat products company founded in the year 2005. While headquarter of the company is in Japan. Whereas the company deals in the production of food products, imports, and resells various food products. Dr. Foods belongs to the consumer discretionary sector.

The company has the motive to solve food problems with the power of science. And follows compliance with SDGs for the same. With a team of qualified and expert doctors, the company deals in producing plant-based meat with the help of Extruder, studies on cultured meat, and conducts research on plant-derived alternative Foie Gras.

Plant-Based Meat Industry

The global plant-based meat industry is expected to grow by a CAGR of 20.6%. With the surge in vegetarians and empathy for animals, plant-based meats have picked up demand. And due to the healthy alternative of plant-based meat, the demand for it is likely to increase. Additionally, plant-based meat has a similar texture to animal meat.

Drfs Management

Koichi Ishizuka is the CEO of the company for the last 1.25 years.

Mr. Alexis Guionet, Ph.D. in Biology and researching plant-derived alternative foie gras. However, Mr. Iaroslav Patuk, Ph. D. in Agricultural Engineering is Studying plant-based meat with an Extruder. And Mr. Yu Lu, Ph.D. in Life Science, studying cultured meat.

The ownership of the company aggregates to 11.7% for private companies where the top shareholder is Senju Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. and 88.3% is for the general public.

DRFS Stock News

The company launched the new product which is a plant-derived alternative foie gras and introduced FOIE GRAS BURGER at WAYBACK BURGERS in Omotesando on 2-09-2022.

DRFS Stock Price

The stock of DRFS is trading with the ticket code DRFS. Drfs Stock is listed on the pink stock exchange.

DRFS Stock Price Forecast

DRFS Stock Price Forecast to grow from 0.750 USD to 0.837 USD within the span of 1 year. Whereas the stock is expected to rise 0.919 USD within 5 years, i.e. 2027. And for the span of 5 years, the investment revenue is predicted to go around +22.74%. Thus, DRFS is a profitable deal for investors in the long run. But the stock price is not going to be 1 USD in the long run. For beginner investors, this stock can turn out to be harder.

Is DRFS a good buy?

According to the experts, DRFS is not going to have any stock price crashes in the future. DRFS has shown a bullish cycle in the last 12 months because the consumer discretionary sector has gained popularity. Hence, the stock price will likely have a positive pattern. DRFS prices have a pattern of rising prices. But the share price of this stock has been highly volatile in the past 3 months. Dr. Foods Inc. is a good investment if you are looking for 1-year investment. The risk associated with DRFS is low.

Thus, it’s a good buy for trading in the bull market. Observing the stock of DRFS there has been a maximum number of buys. But we suggest that before taking any sensible decision, go through the investment strategies for best results.

DRFS Financial Health

DRFS is a debt-free company as there are no debts to be repaid. Additionally, there is insufficient data available to predict the future debt status of the company.

Whereas DRFS stock has a sufficient cash runway for more than a year. Thus, it has free cash flow. According to the previous cash flow, if the numbers go favorable, the cash runway can grow by 20% each year.

DRFS has no long-term liabilities whereas the short-term assets are more than the short-term liabilities. Additionally, there is no specific information related to the dividend payouts by the company.

Valuation MeasuresValue/Price
Market Cap$7.48M
Enterprise Value$7.27M
52 Week High8.00
52 Week Low0.30
S&P500 52-Week Change-16.27%
Price/Sales (TTM)–
Price/Book (TTM)12.95
Enterprise Value/Revenue–
Enterprise Value/EBITDA–
50/200 Day Moving Average$0.95/$1.20
Drfs Stock Complete Analysis

Concern Areas

The company has a historical earning growth of -43.6%. Additionally, the company has a negative return on equity of -13.57%. As per the data, DRFS is currently unprofitable.

Moreover, due to the lack of adequate data related to analytics by DRFS, the representation of future profits by the company through the graphs is not possible. And as the numbers are unprofitable, it becomes difficult to predict the accelerated growth of the company in the coming 5 years.

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