VVS Finance Prediction for 2022, 2025, and 2030

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With a large number of cryptocurrency projects flooding the market and the huge crowd, it draws in, the decentralized finance (Defi) sector is growing with every passing day. Based on the current trends, it won& be wrong to say that the coming years would witness even major growth.

Well, the more options, the more confusion! So, it’s better to check out these projects individually before investing into them. And, with this article, we bring to you a detailed description of one such crypto project which might be a good investment option for you to consider – VVS Finance.

About VVS finance

An acronym for & Very Very Simple Finance VVS Finance is actually aiming to make crypto investments and trading very easy for its user, justifying its name. The main idea is to simplify the user interface (UI) and add gaming elements to it in order to make it convenient and interesting for the newbies too.

The system is based on Cronos blockchain technology and works on automated market makers (AMM) framework. This implies that there are no intermediate agents at work. Liquidity providers get direct ownership based on the amount of liquidity they provide.

VVS Finance Prediction can be better defined as an umbrella project which aims at undertaking various other finance projects as a part of it. The whole idea is to create an expanded DeFi ecosystem consisting of different projects that deal with swapping, stacking, and trading.

There are many ways in which a user can earn money using the VVS Finance project. For instance, in the bling swap feature, any user can swap their tokens across various liquidity pools. A fee of 0.3% will be charged that will be split between the platform and the Liquidity Providers.

Adding on, there is a glitter mining feature using which the users (non-LP) can stake their tokens to receive more. As for Liquidity Providers, they have the option to stake their LP tokens using the crystal farming feature which can lead to high returns.

The cherry on the cake is the incredible interface and dashboard along with an analysis tool that allows you to check the performance of the tokens. That makes it easier for the users to decide what to do with their tokens in the future.

The Market Trends in the Past

VVS Finance is a one-year-old project that was launched back in 2021. In its initial moments, VVS Finance performed incredibly well. On 22nd November 2021, the price was at $0.0001123 which increased further to $0.0001542 after a couple of days. It dipped in the next two days but on 21 December 2021, it again rose to $0.0001442. Afterward, the token price kept falling until the month of February when it went a little up compared to the previous days.

But, it again went down and the price was as low as $0.00002126 by 18 March 2022. It went up to $0.00002833 on 21 March 2022 but only for a while before it came down again in April and afterward. On 18 June 2022, the value came down to $0.000004955. Coming to the last month, it was $0.0000057 on 16 October 2022.

The Current Trends

The article was written on 10 November 2022 and the value of the crypto at the time was $0.00000491 with a market cap of $146,421,772. The price is down by 6.3% considering the daily trading value. Based on the predictions of most analysts, the price is most likely to go higher in the upcoming time. The table below will give a quick overview of the current market trends of VVS Finance based on the data of 10 November 2022.

Current Price $0.00000491

Market Cap $146,421,772

Circulating Supply 29,788,930,968,890

Maximum Supply 100,000,000,000,000

Total Supply 68,101,480,025,781

24-Hour Trading Volume $3,759,984

The latest Current Data is Here

VVS Finance Prediction 2022

According to CoinCodex, the market is bearish for now and the price might go down to $ 0.000004159 by Dec 11, 2022. As per VVS Finance Prediction, the average price would remain $0.00000575 for the current year and can reach a maximum value of $0.00000596. In another opinion, TechNewsLeader predicts that the maximum value of the coins can go up to $0.00000685 by the end of the year 2022.

There is a mix of approaches and conclusions when it comes to the predictions in the current year. The platform is still in its developmental phase and the trends for VVS Finance have remained a bit fluctuating. So, it is suggested to analyze things on a personal level too.

VVS Finance Prediction 2025

According to TechNewsLeader, the average price of the VVS Finance Coins will be at an average of $0.00001931 by the year 2025. Close in the predicted values, PricePrediction says that the average trading value would be $0.00001763 in the year 2025. However, as per the DigitalCoinPrice, the average would be around $0.0000133 which is a bit lower than the predictions of the other two.

According to our analysis, the former predictions have higher chances of getting true. Given the current value and market capitalization, VVS Finance coins is currently at a valuable position in the market. Also, DApps are getting popular with every passing day and VVS Finance is trying to offer something unique in that domain. So, it might be another influencing factor as it can draw more investors to the platform.

VVS Finance Prediction 2030

It is difficult to determine the exact course of VVS Finance by the end of the decade as the market is quite volatile. Moreover, there are optimistic expectations that it is going to attract many more investors in the coming times. So, that would largely affect its value. However, nobody can guarantee whether that will actually happen or not which makes the predictions uncertain.

DigitalCoinPrice predicts that the average trading value in the year 2030 would be $0.0000282. However, the TechNewsLeader differs in its opinion and predicts that the year might end at an average value of $0.00012748.

In close agreement with the latter, PricePrediction says that the average value of the coins for the year 2030 would be around $0.00010566. If things go in the right direction, investing in VVS Finance might be a good deal in the long run but suggested only for high-risk investors.

VVS Finance Prediction 2040

VVS Finance is a cryptocurrency that has been trending in the market for a long time. The value of this cryptocurrency has been on the rise for some time now and its value has reached $0.000006701. It has been predicted that it will reach $0.000007000 by 2040.

The price prediction provided by CoinCodex indicates that the value of VVS Finance will drop by 2.77% at the end of 2019 and reach $ 0.000005581 on December 31, 2040, which is equivalent to $ 28,914.55 as compared to its current price of $ 0.000006811.

According to CoinMarketCap’s data, there were 10,853 active addresses with over 14 million total coins in circulation on October 16th 2019 while there were 10,599 active addresses with over 12 million total coins in circulation on October 15th 2023 which means there was around a 3% increase in transaction volume during those days but it seems like there was no significant change in price movement during those days


All of these predictions are aimed at making it easier for the user to choose where to invest. However, it is to be noted that anyone who predicts the direction of the trends cannot absolutely guarantee it. The predictions are made by taking several factors into consideration including past trends, current positioning in the market, future assumptions, competitors’ performance, and so on.

Therefore, it is completely based on the analysis of factual data and these predictions always have some information to back it up.

However, the markets are always predictable only to some limited extent. For example, the past trends might help you to know how things are working till now and how it might work in the future considering the graph. But, then again it is not necessary that the future will be the same as the past.

Therefore, it is important for the user to make their choices only after during their individual research. And, as a rule of thumb, one should never put their money or assets at stake if they absolutely cannot afford to lose it.


Is it worth investing in VVS Finance?

Based on the VVS Finance price predictions, it might be a good idea to invest in the project. However, one should know that there is a moderate level of risk attached to it and personal research is of most importance before taking the final call. And, ultimately, it should be the decision of the investor at their own discretion.

What are the all-time high and all-time low prices of VVS Finance?

On 15 November 2021, VVS Finance witnessed its all-time high price, i.e. $0.000330931023. On the other hand, it witnessed its all-time low price on 9 November 2022, i.e. $0.000004435854.

Is it the right time for investing in VVS Finance?

As per the analysts, the trading value of VVS Finance is most likely to rise higher in the coming times. It is also quite active in the market as of now. So, if one is thinking of investing in VVS Finance, this might be a good time.

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